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Secure Electronic Records for Children


CTECC’s independently operated and highly secure data system for children, called PROGENY, defines our proactive endeavors to provide effective and pragmatic solutions. This highly secure system maintains a comprehensive record for every missing, exploited, or otherwise endangered child for whom we advocate. PROGENY helps secure the safety and welfare of forsaken children, and facilitates their placement in long-term foster care or adoption.

PROGENY is a unique tool for
pediatricians and healthcare personnel

PROGENY’s secure, electronic medical records for sick children enable pediatric specialists to consult with local attending doctors, and arrange for them to receive new drugs and treatment for the children in their care. The PROGENY Secure Data System is one of the most unique and important tools available to define positive destinies for marginalized children.

PROGENY is fully scalable

We designed PROGENY as a fully-scalable and highly secure tool using advanced & innovative technology.

PROGENY is a fully scalable tool, and was designed not just for our own use but for all those involved in rescuing missing or homeless children, and the rehabilitation of trafficked and exploited children. The PROGENY System currently handles tens of thousands of children’s records, but can easily be expanded on an exponential scale.

PROGENY can be accessed securely from any Internet connection anywhere by pre-screened, authorized users—doctors, child welfare advocates, caregivers, and agents working in interdiction—all under the constant vigilance and monitoring of dedicated and highly-qualified personnel in our Central Operations Division.

PROGENY is also designed to consolidate information and collaborate with national and international agencies in the search for missing children.

We engage in effective partnerships
with non-governmental organizations

We purposefully collaborate with credible non-governmental organizations (NGOs) dedicated to the welfare of children.

NGOs (non-governmental organizations) whose mandate is the welfare of children are, without doubt, our frontline partners in advocating for homeless kids and the fight against the trafficking and exploitation of children.

NGOs and other child welfare entities may apply to become an Engaged Partner with CTECC and the PROGENY Secure Data System for children.

A unique electronic record
for each child that includes:

    This section displays the child’s current status, plus recommendations and strategy for the child’s disposition both in the immediate future and long-term.
    A detailed record of the child’s biographical information including their full name; aliases if any; known direct family members including parents and siblings; nationality; date of birth; gender; known acquaintances; hair and eye colour; birthmarks and/or physical markings; religious or political affiliations; etc.
    PROGENY maintains portraits and other (sanitized) images of each child, as well as video interviews where deemed necessary.
    Fingerprints, iris scans, DNA, and voice scans. Biometric information is invaluable to ascertain true parentage, physiological defects or health markers; and for the identification of deceased children.
    All available documentation encompassing the child’s nationality, family, education, health, and jurisdiction.
    Secure, digital medical records and evaluations accessible by attending and consulting pediatricians dedicated to stabilizing sick or malnourished children. Our EMRs include state-of-the-art digital scans and video such as X-Rays, MRIs, and CT scans.
    by consulting child psychologists and psychiatrists, with recommendations on the mental health and well-being of each child.
    We maintain a complete, unabridged history of the child from the time they are registered in PROGENY, including any abuse and exploitation, criminal records, and exposure to organized crime or predators.
    Each record includes a comprehensive analysis of the child’s previous education including school reports, transcripts, and evaluations, and strategy to return the child into a stable, educational environment.
    PROGENY records not only help secure the safety and well-being of endangered children; they also serve to facilitate the placement of forsaken children in long-term care or adoption. PROGENY uses data within the system to evaluate and appraise agencies and organizations involved in foster care and adoption to ensure that reliable standards are being maintained, and that they are genuinely fulfilling their mandate to secure positive futures for disavowed children.
    PROGENY records feed CTECC’s parallel system which gathers evidence and information for the interdiction of those who traffic, exploit, and abuse children. We garner anecdotal testimony from rescued children, their caregivers, and other reliable witnesses or informants all of which is vitally important in the interdiction of child predators and especially the transnational organized crime entities responsible for the commercial trafficking and exploitation of children.


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