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For Children At Risk Everywhere

The Endangered Child Foundation’s prime mission is to find realistic and practical solutions for the
rescue and rehabilitation of homeless and otherwise endangered children, and to support the work of CTECC,
the Child Trafficking, Exploitation, & Cybercrimes Commission. CTECC is a global initiative that provides independent

oversight on the effectiveness of governments and other international institutions on all issues to do with the
trafficking, exploitation, and endangerment of children. CTECC’s mandate also includes the gathering and
analysis of empirical information and data for all those who have committed their lives to the
interdiction of those who exploit and abuse children, and to help coalesce the efforts
of all those who advocate for disavowed and forsaken children everywhere.

Our Strategic Imperatives

Reportage + Oversight

  • The Child Trafficking, Exploitation, & Cybercrimes Commission (CTECC) reports on the real conditions and circumstances in which homeless and otherwise endangered children find themselves, and provide insight into what is being done (or not done) to better their prospects. We also frequently release in-depth SPECIAL REPORTS on a variety of compelling and related topics.
  • CTECC reports on the work and achievements of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) actively involved in the welfare of children at risk, helping them to forge mutually-beneficial relationships and credibility, obtain the funding they need, and receive effective cooperation from their governments and the international community.
  • CTECC reports and provides oversight on the commitments by governments worldwide to take real and effective action on all issues to do with the exploitation or endangerment of children, especially with regard to the plight of homeless children. This includes bringing pressure to bear on those governments who continue to violate the international treaties they have signed on the rights of the child or related human rights and trafficking conventions.

Intelligence + Data Analysis

  • While there are many non-governmental organisations worldwide tackling the issue of exploited and endangered children on both a local and international level, CTECC gathers, converges, and analyzes detailed, empirical information and data within its PROGENY secure system accessible by those dedicated to combatting child trafficking and exploitation, and the rescue and rehabilitation of homeless children. Our purpose is to provide a centralised system with accurate data and demographics on a global basis. This facility includes a rating system for the performance of governments in addressing the issue of homeless, exploited, and otherwise endangered children. This rating is evidence-based and demonstrable, and is independently gathered and not based solely on the representations of the specific governments being rated, nor of international treaty or human rights entities.
  • CTECC also compiles and shares in-depth analysis of the credibility of non-profit organizations, the effectiveness of their campaigns, their funding sources, distribution, and where applicable the misappropriation of funding. Non-profit or charitable organizations are rated for the benefit of prospective donors using empirical information gathered directly by CTECC.

PROGENY: Secure Electronic Records

  • CTECC’s independently operated and highly secure data system for children, called PROGENY, defines our proactive endeavors to provide effective and pragmatic solutions. This highly secure system maintains a comprehensive record for every missing, exploited, or otherwise endangered child for whom we advocate. PROGENY helps secure the safety and welfare of forsaken children, and facilitates their placement in long-term foster care or adoption. Additionally, PROGENY’s secure, electronic medical records for sick children enable pediatric specialists to consult with local attending doctors, and arrange for them to receive new drugs and treatment for the children in their care. The PROGENY Secure Data System is one of the most unique and important tools available to define positive destinies for marginalized children.
  • PROGENY records also garner anecdotal testimony from rescued children, their caregivers, and other reliable witnesses or informants that is vital for CTECC’s proactive work with other international law enforcement entities for the interdiction of child abusers, and especially the transnational organized crime entities responsible for the commercial trafficking and exploitation of children.

Knowledge + Awareness

  • CTECC’s mandate includes raising public awareness of the issue of child exploitation and endangerment worldwide. One of our most challenging tasks is to inform people about this issue in viable cultures—cultures that have the ability to actually DO SOMETHING about these most heinous of crimes. Most people don’t have a clear concept of how pervasive the problem of child sexual exploitation has become, and most feel helpless to do anything about it. But given the right tools, the public can become a crucial factor in bringing perpetrators of child exploitation to justice. We are dedicated to providing those tools.
  • CTECC promotes and hosts a variety of venues where experts educate and engage audiences on the issue of children at risk. These include documentary segments distributed through social media, interviews on national TV networks, and public-speaking events.
  • CTECC collaborates with educators by providing specific course materials for subjects related to human and child trafficking and exploitation. And we provide an open forum for students to interact directly with CTECC with questions and discourse.